Monday, December 10, 2007

Dinesh Triumphant! (up 3-0)

Everyone visiting this blog knows that I am quite impressed with Dinesh D'Souza. His clear and precise analysis is worth reading whether one agrees or not with him. Recently, I posted reference to his ongoing battle with neo-atheists ("irrational" atheists, as I am fond of calling them). Given the vitriol that has been spat at him, one could forgive him a bit of strutting while admitting that his use of logic and common sense have trounced the God-hating opposition three to nothing.

Click here to read his most recent column.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a sign of the intellectual poverty of current Christianity that some of its adherents believe D'Souza effective. I grant that he's loud, but logic and common sense are absent from this fellow, replaced by some increasingly irrational diatribes that even his fellow conservatives disown.

The Byzantine Rambler said...

Unfortunately, Robert would appear to not have read any of D'Souza's works nor to have heard him in an interview or debate. If he had done so, "loud" would not have been the adjective chosen. Neither would he have characterized him as suffering an absence of "logic and common sense". Robert has rather lent validity and credence to D'Souza's basic contention. May readers judge for themselves.

Incidentally, below is the link to the D'Souza-Hitchens Debate.

The D'Souza-Hitchens Debate

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have read and watched D'Souza. Perhaps the good priest has simply not adequately plumbed the depths of his new champion? Your link fails, but let me provide another one in which he debates Daniel Dennett. As you say, may readers judge for themselves.

I assume your common cause with traditional Muslims is well underway, given D'Souza's impeccable "logic and common sense" in advocating such a union.

The Byzantine Rambler said...

Sorry for the link non-link. It is:

Yes, I watched the entire series Robert suggested. In viewing it and reviewing Robert's comments, I perceive the reason for his hostility.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this chant. I have the Boston Byzantine Choir singing it on my ipod... it lifts my heart and draws it soaring to the Lady of Heaven each time I open myself to it, and remember what it is to be holy.