Thursday, November 13, 2008

OCA Elects new Metropolitan

The Orthodox Church in America has elected a new Metropolitan to lead its North American flock. In what is considered a surprise, the Bishops have chosen Bishop Jonah of Fort Worth, an Abbot who has been Bishop for less than two weeks. The new Hierarch has a formidable task; the OCA has been subject to a financial scandal for the past few years, the investigation of which has revealed a pattern of corruption going back decades.

That said, Metropolitan Jonah is not, perhaps, such an odd choice. On the one hand, his history of ministry and piety (in the good sense of the word) truly commends him. And on the other hand, as one of the rotation of Bishops answering questions put forth by participants in the All American Council, he gave this address the day before his election. Listen to it all, then play it again (Sam). It's worth pondering no matter from what tradition you hail.

PS, in case you missed it; the link to his address is here.

PPS, here's what Rod Dreher has to say about then-Bishop Jonah.

PPPS, and here's the Pittsburgh Post=Gazette's story on his election.

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