Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bishop Hilarion Offers Hope and a Challenge

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev is the most erudite and outspoken hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. The article linked below presents his thoughts on Orthodox missiology in the Twenty-first Century.

The challenges he discusses are the same as those of Eastern Catholic Churches, particularly as regards 'heritage' issues. (I believe Arcbishop Elias Zoghby, of blessed memory, would rejoice to stand with Bishop Hilarion on the points he raises) The hope for the future is firmly in God's hands, and the imperative for Christian Tradition to be firmly established requires of each of us the commitment to the Christian Faith and its unchanging values. Only in Christ is there hope for the future. Sayidna Hilarion is correct that those Churches descending from the Undivided Catholic Church of the first millennium must stand together in what we hold common, examine what differs between us, and press forward to bring the healing message of Salvation to a corrupt, blind, and an otherwise dying world.

Read Bishop Hilarion's lecture on Orthodox Mission in the Twenty-first Century here.

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