Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of Prayer Books V - (A Book for Prayer)

A Book for Prayer is published the Office of Educational Services of the Melkite Eparchy of Newton, MA. One might see it as sort of Melkite version of the Pocket Prayer Book reviewed earlier. The selection is somewhat less numerous than its Antiochian counterpart; however, the text is somewhat larger and in modern English. While not including the text of the Divine Liturgy, there are prayers and reflections for Confession and preparatory prayers for Holy Communion, etc.. Nice inclusions are a brief introduction, an abridged menologion (list of calendar dates), a short glossary and a few notes about "Priestless Services".

A Book for Prayer is published in a yellow cover with reddish letters. As noted above, the font size is somewhat larger than A Pocket Prayer Book, and the overall dimensions are somewhat larger. While not perhaps as "handy" as the Pocket Prayer Book, this volume is convenient and probably easier to use for those of us who have started playing trombone with our reading materials.

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