Sunday, July 04, 2010

My Lady Sleeping

Your suffering, My Love, is now over,
and deep in slumber you rest in the shade;
while left behind and wounded I linger,
my injuries never to be allayed.

Dearest One, in this life how I loved you,
though sincerely I doubt you ever knew
the truth of how deeply I would miss you,
wandering a darkness I'd ever rue.

Here without you I remain left alone.
Day but dawns on another vale of tears,
and midst the lengthening shadows I moan,
and weep for the barren expanse of years.

My God, how malicious you seem to me
to abandon me and take her away.
How pitiless that you did set her free,
and leave me here to tread this empty way.

O My Lord, why did you let me meet her?
Why allow her beauty to pierce my soul
only to rip her away and take her,
and my life never again to be whole?

For now I'm am once again without hope;
my life adrift, storm tossed, crushed on the shores
of futility where I can but tope
the chalice of misery ever more.

Each day now passes slowly into night,
a darkness that only feigns to give way.
I fumble along an endless twilight,
pleading with God to reveal why I stay

while she who was so dear, so beautiful,
should now slumber in the peace of the shade.
God, what sin of mine was ever so cruel
as this exile of my life you have made?

My life’s light you will ever be, My Love.
Twas your radiance alone could give birth
to a life worth living, soaring above
the misty darkness that covers my earth.

Words are too weak to bear my love for you.
Let it suffice that I miss you and pray
for that day's start where all will shine anew,
and ever after once more we may stay

together, never more parted. Dear One,
may my days pass swiftly till this life's through
and I may hold you again at heaven's dawn
and to ages of ages cherish you.

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Staying in Balance said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.