Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Thing on the 9-11 Mosque Controversy

First Thing's On the Square yet again brings its typically incisive analysis to one of the best essays on the controversy surrounding the plans to build an Islamic cultural center in the neighborhood of the 9-11 attack site in New York City.

Two quotes for your consideration:

But America is being told—by the very people who have spent decades promoting the primacy of “feelings,” over thought, and who have declared that “a feeling is neither right or wrong”—to shut up, to not express its feelings, to not even have feelings, because those feelings are bad, stupid ones that are very, very wrong.
They are not afraid of the mosque or its members; they’re afraid of what the mosque will communicate—to the world and to themselves—as it rises so near the sterile ground where once stood two towers. They intuit that such a structure will signal a defeat more thorough than any found on a battlefield because it will suggest a defeat of the will, of priorities, ingenuity, of energy, and most importantly of identity.
Read it Rhetorical Axes and Park51 here.


Teresa said...

Excellent post!

Since no monument was built for the Japanese at Pearl harbor there should be no monument built to Muslims or Muslim extremists at Ground Zero (or 2 blocks from ground zero), especially since there are bones still being found at the site. I actually think the most common sense or proper thing that could have been done and would have avoided stoking the flames, would have been to declare the building that was hit with part of the plane on 9/11 a historical site.

Anonymous said...

Yes I can appreciate these thoughts, they surely go beneath the surface. The thought that comes to my mind, is that western Muslim leaders should equally support and or advocate Christians building churches in Iraq and Afghanistan without undue harassment by traditional Muslims. I guess waiting for that is as equally as delusional as waiting for them to denounce violence in the name of God though Huh?