Friday, January 07, 2011

The Myth of a Myth: Complete Update

Patheos presents the first of a promised four article series by James Hannam examining secularist arguments that Jesus Christ never existed. The series is entitled Is Jesus Christ a Myth? Regarding his purpose, Professor Hannahm says

In this four-part series, it is not my intention to study the minutiae of the various arguments. Instead, I will focus on three central contentions often advanced in discussions about Jesus. These are 1) the lack of secular references, which I cover in this installment; 2) the alleged similarities to paganism, which I deal with next; and 3) the silence of St. Paul. Finally, in the fourth part, I will bring all these arguments together to show how ideas similar to those that deny Jesus' existence can be used on practically any ancient historical figure. With this in mind I set out to "prove" that Hannibal never existed.
The first installment argues from a logical and rigorous common sense perspective; something too little seen or appreciated in this politically correct (i.e. Intellectually Censored) age. It's reasoning is concise, and it is not overly long - worthy of the time spent reading it. I, for one, will be looking forward to future installments.

Read it here.

UPDATE: And here is part two.

2nd UPDATE: Here is part three.

3rd UPDATE: Here is part four.

PS, Happy Christmas to all following the New Calendar.

PPS, Christ is born! Glorify Him! to those following the Old Calendar.

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