Saturday, February 02, 2008

From the Triodion - Saturday of our God-bearing Fathers, the Ascetics

Troparion in Tone Four

O God of our Fathers who always deal with us according to Your compassion, do not remove Your Mercy from us; but through their intercession, direct our lives in peace.

Kontakion in Tone Eight

O Lord, all those who followed the ways of God, the Light of the Universe, were filled with joy, for they have preached and practiced piety and prevented evil deeds. Through their intercession, preserve in perfect peace those who praise You and glorify Your Name, that they may sing to You: "Alleluia!"


Looking at the pleasures of this life and pondering their nature and effects, and reflecting on the toil and suffing they cause, I judge the life of mortal man to be filled with misery. You alone would I call blessed, for you have chosen the better part: to suffer with Christ and to remain with Him, tha you may always sing with the Prophet David: Alleluia!


On this (same) day, we commemorate all the holy men and women who were outstanding in the ascetic life.

I will pour out these words as perpetual libations forever to the souls of the just whose memory will remain forever and ever.

Through the intercession of all the holy ascetics, O Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen.

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