Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Catholicos Meets the Pontifex Maximus

Hat tip to Rocco! Whispers in the Loggia highlights the visit to the Holy See by Armenian Apostolic Catholicos Karekin II. (or we could say, Gregory visits Peter)

The Armenian people were the first nation to embrace Christianity, and the Armenian Apostolic Church has a beautiful Liturgy and spirituality, unique and inspiring in its freshness and its connection with the past. Amongst other countries, the Armenian Church has members in the US and Canada*.

It should also be noted that the Armenian people have suffered devastating purges over the centuries in the defense of their Faith, particularly in the last century. Their heroic strength in holding to the Faith is a powerful witness to the Gospel! Below are a few YouTubes featuring the Armenian Church.

Let us all pray for the Unity of the Faith and the restoration of full communion between all of the Apostolic Churches!

The YouTube below is the Lord's Prayer in Armenian.

*While in Canada some years ago, I had the honor of meeting Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, now Bishop of the USA's Western Diocese. Truly, he is a holy man!

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