Friday, May 30, 2008

Professor Gilbert (and Fr Paul) -- "The Timisoara Incident"

De unione ecclesiarum has become one of my must check sites. Professor Gilbert's study of Ecumenical John Bekkos is both enlightening and thought-provoking from many perspectives. For the Catholic westerner, it succintly raises awareness of the roots of the Schism and the political and theological issues at stake. For the eastern Catholic and the Orthodox, it confronts with the vitality and breadth of Eastern theology and spirituality that belies the Palamite-only interpretation that has been in vogue in the last few centuries.

Now joined by "Fr Paul", the blog promises only to become stronger. A must read, is Fr Paul's assessment of the “Timisoara incident” is well worth reflective reading and prayer.

To wit., Stop everything and go read it now!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rambler
positive feedback is always welcome and so I thank you for your kind words. I in turn am very interested in your own blog. I am glad to see that you belonging to the Melkite Church since it is a tradition in which I am particularly interested. I notice however that there is no way provided - none that I can see anyway - to contact you personally, away from the glare of internet publicity. I understand your desire for privacy, and indeed I myself choose to write under a name which is not that by which I am usually known. However, since I would like to "pick your brains" on a few things, perhaps you might be able to suggest a manner in which I might get in touch? Since you are apparently 106 years old, according to your profile, I guess I had better hurry if I want to catch you!

The Byzantine Rambler said...

Dear Fr Paul:

Glory to Jesus Christ!

I will be happy to provide you alternative communication options. Fear not as to my antiquity; I come from a long line of old fuddyduddies and hope, God being merciful, to continue my rambling infliction upon the world for years to come.

In the mean time, Google "South Carolina" and Melkites.

The Byzantine Rambler