Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bishop Nicolae - Champion or Traitor?

Catholic World News reports the sad unfolding of events in Romania, both to date and likely to come in the days and weeks ahead. Metropolitan Nicolae of Banat may soon be excommunicated from the Romanian Orthodox Church. The crime, of course, is his receiving the Body and Blood of Christ at a Romanian Catholic Divine Liturgy. Bishop Sofronie of Oradea may "go down" with him. Bishop Sofronie's crime? He dared to celebrate the Great Blessing of Waters at Theophany with a Romanian Catholic Bishop!

Read the whole story here.

Behold, the angels look down and weep.


Byzantine, TX said...

"Is outrage!"

Anonymous said...

I am sure that many feel outrage over the censuring of the Metropolitan of Barat. Bear in mind that every Orthodox priest is bound to follow the admonition of St. Basil the Great to not serve with those with whom his bishop does not serve. To receive communion means to be in communion. As matters are today, one is either in Communion with the Roman Church or with the Orthodox Church, in spite of what certain writers entertain. When we share the one and same faith then shall we be in Communion with one another. Until then let us be patient and contine to pray for and to love one another in the Love of Christ.

Ecgbert said...

What Fr Gregory said.

Bishop Nicolae shouldn't have disobeyed his church.

What happens next is between him and them.

Byzantine, TX said...

For clarification: I was being sarcastic. As a Zoghby-ite I pray for unity among the Eastern Churches daily.

That we may all be one!

Anonymous said...

Ecumenism originated in communist prisons. When someone starts exterminating people by the myriads in the most horrible tortures imaginable and unimaginable, for one reason and one reason alone: they all believed in some-thing, or some-One... well, once that happens, please believe me, You'll start seeing things different. Ecumenism was OK while Communism was still in place. Once it fell, we no longer needed it. Now, everybody's a phreakin' heretic (please pardon my Latin).