Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Differences in Perspective

Interpretation, meaning and mnemonics are everything when encountering a quotation. I recently came across two examples of this related to the statement: "The Church is conservative by nature." The one is taken from an interview with the current Patriarch of Moscow, Kyrill I from when he served as administrator of the Church after the death of Patriarch Alexey II. The second is from a 'forum discussion' back in 2005 with the commentator speaking on the election of Pope Benedict XVI of Rome.

The Church is conservative by nature, as it maintains the apostolic belief," he added. If we want to pass the belief from one generation to another for centuries, the belief must be intact. Any reform damaging the belief, traditions and values is called heresy. Kyril I of Moscow, 2008

The church is conservative by nature, but within it there's room for a lot of difering (sic) ideas. IMO the church has no other chance but to get with the times and modernize itself. If Ratzinger remains as conservative as he's always been and lasts more than 5 years, the catholic church is about to enter one of it's worse moments since it was instated as the oficial (sic) religion of the Roman Empire. They have no other chance but to modernize themselves... and today the Cardinals really f*cked it up with that. SymphonyofDreams, April 2005.

Both of these statements should be borne in mind when considering 'liturgical renewal'.

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