Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

I'm not into spouting political platitudes or publicly endorsing particular candidates or parties. That is said to satisfy those 'watch dogs' who are more vigilant in ensuring clergy and religious don't 'step outside the lines' than in focusing on their own spiritual and moral welfare.

In addition, I have every respect for law enforcement personnel locally, regionally, and at the state and federal level. At the risk of sounding cliched, 'some of my best friends' have been police over the years, and a couple have been family members.

With all of those disclaimers stated, I came across this video in reading an article related to the ongoing controversy about Arizona's new illegal alien law. While some of the examples are a bit humorous (intentionally) and the tone could be said to play into prejudices about the police as "the Man", the information presented is factual and basic common sense. The conversation after the 'film' is at least thought provoking and worth the consideration of citizens and residents in the US. The discussion took place at the CATO Institute.

My final comment: An informed citizenry is the first defence against despotism and corruption; and Christians do not err in knowing their rights and obligations in the society in which they live.

My only question is: What rights do I have when having to (being forced by circumstances or geography) fly? It seems every other time I have to travel by air I end up in the 'pat down' line. You know: "Hey a guy with beard, black robe, funny hat... Hmm, maybe that pectoral cross is a ruse being used to hide terrorist intentions...."

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