Monday, September 01, 2008

Joyous New Year!

Today is the first day of the (Byzantine) Church Year. May our Lord bless the crown of the new year with peace, concord, safety and joy!

From the Sessional Hymns in Tone Eight

From heaven, You grant to those on earth weather favorable for crops and rain. Receive today the prayers of Your servants; deliver Your faithful from all misfortune, for all Your works call upon Your Compassion. Bless our undertakings at their beginning and at their end; direct the works of our hands, O Lord. Grant us the remission of all sin, for You are the One who have brought all things from non-existence into being, O all-powerful God!

From the Synaxarion

On 1 September, we celebrate the new year and the beginning of the Indiction.

You are the Ancient of Days and the new Adam: O Christ, bless the Indiction of our new year.

From the Praises in Tone Three

O Word of the Father, existing before all ages, divine by Nature, you brought all created things from nothingness into being. All times and seasons are subject to Your Power. Bless the crown of this year, which in your goodness You have allowed us to begin. Grant peace to Your Churches, victory to all Orthodox Christians, abundance of the fruits of the earth, and Great Mercy to us all.


earlcapps said...

If it's "New Year's Day", does that mean we're supposed to get the day off and celebrate?

The Byzantine Rambler said...

You mean you didn't?!