Saturday, January 26, 2008

From the Triodion - Saturday of the Dead

The Day before the Sunday of the Last Judgment (Meatfare)

Troparion of the Dead in Tone Eight

Unique Creator, Lord, who in the depth of Your wisdom and love for mankind direct us all, giving to each one what is good for salvation: grant rest to the souls of Your servants, for they have put their trust in You, our creator, Maker and God.

Kontakion of the Dead in Tone Eight

O Christ our God, with the Saints, grant rest to the souls of Your servants in a place where there is no pain, no grief, no sighing, but everlasting life.


You are the only Immortal One, O Creator and Maker of man. We are mortals: out of the earth we were fashioned and to the same earth we shall return, as You have said and ordered, O my Maker: "Dust you are," said You, "and to dust you shall return." We all go down to the dust and we sing to you: Alleluia!


On this day, the holy Fathers established a memorial for all those who have fallen asleep throughout the ages in faith and in the hope of everlasting life.

Remember not the transgressions of the dead, O Timeless Word: let not Your great tenderness and compassion be seen to be inactive.

Wherefore, O Christ our Lord, grant rest in the dwelling-place of the just to the souls who have fallen asleep before us and have mercy on us, for Your alone are deathless. Amen.

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