Sunday, January 27, 2008

Synaxarion - Sunday of the Last Judgment (Meatfare)



O Lord, supreme in love, as I reflect upon Your awesome judgment seat and the Day of Judgment, I tremble and am filled with fear, for my own conscience accuses me. When you are seated on Your throne and bring all for examination, no one will then be able to deny their sins, for the truth will accuse them and terror hold them back. The flames of Gehenna will roar and sinners will gnash their teeth. Therefore have mercy on me before the end, O Righteous Judge, deliver me from the unquenchable fire, and make me worthy to stand at Your right.


On this day, we commemorate the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Last Judge.

When You are seated upon Your throne to judge the whole world, O Just and Righteous Judge, make me also worthy to hear You say: “Come!”

Wherefore, in the abundance of Your ineffable compassion, O Christ our God, make us worthy to hear Your glorious voice and number us among those who stand at Your right Hand. Amen.

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