Saturday, February 24, 2007

Flattered by the Reference

I am flattered that Shawn Tribe over at New Liturgical Movement gave a rather generous quotation to your rambling host. His topic is of the Archeparchy of Stamford's one volume Byzantine Rite Divine Office book, which I discussed at some length in one of my posts on the Divine Praises in the Byzantine Tradition (check the series out here, here and here).

For those who would like a handy reference tool for the Byzantine cycle, check out Father Peter Boutros's Cyber Typicon. Father Peter has set up a small program that allows you to follow the daily cycle with a high degree of accuracy. It is an ongoing project, and here and there there are a few things which betray errors or differences from the Official Typicon of the Melkite Church. In addition, as it is ongoing it currently lacks many of the features he hopes to include in the future. It is nicely done, has a small foot-print, and is quite handy.

Equally handy is a little program called the Menologion (Book of Days, usually containing lives of the saints for each calendar day of the year). This program can be downloaded at Byzantine dot Net. It provides the Troparia and Kontakion of the day, allowing for both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. I is offered by an Orthodox parish dedicated to St John Maximovich, and is refreshingly free of polemics on the usual issues. The St John sight includes new editions and supplements that make the Menologion even more useful.

Thanks, Shawn; I'm very happy that you've found my Byzantine Ramblings helpful. (As you can see, it inspired me to ramble a bit longer on the topic!)

I pray that our Lord and our Lady bless you and your readers with a spiritually uplifting and rewarding Lent.

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