Monday, February 26, 2007

From the Triodion

Let us fast from the rage of the passions; let us delight in sincere love; let us feed the poor with bread. Nourished by the grace of God, with weeping let us quench the tears of future punishment.

From Ode 9, Canon in Tone Four, Monday, Second Week of Lent

Let us keep a spiritual Fast: let us loose every bond; let us avoid the stumbling-blocks of sin; let us forgive our brothers and sisters their trespasses, that we too may be forgiven our transgressions. Then we shall be able to cry aloud to God: Let our prayer come like incense before You, O Lord!

The prophets, apostles of Christ, and the martyrs have taught us to sing to the consubstantial Trinity. They brought light to the nations that had gone astray: the children of men have become fellow-citens with the Angels.

Do not forget your people in their poverty, O Lady; but deliver us from present harm and future trouble through your intercessions, O Theotokos*, and save your servants from the wrath of the Lord.

From the Aposticha of Tuesday, Second Week of Lent

*Theotokos (pronounced, "Thay-oh-TOH-kohs") is Greek for "Birthgiver of God".

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