Saturday, February 24, 2007

From the Triodion

O Master, infinite in Your divine nature, You condescended in these latter days to become incarnate and finite: for in assuming our body, You accepted all its properties. Wherefore, we represent Your likeness and embrace it with the Model of mind. We go up to Your love, and, following the divine tradition set by the Apostles, we draw from it the grace of healing.

The grace of truth has shone forth and the predictions of old have been clearly fulfilled: for, behold, the Church has put on the incarnate likeness of Christ, the new world of icons transcending adornment. As the tabernacle of the Covenant held the presence of God, so do the icons show forth the presence of the One we worship and revere. By venerating them, we never go astray. It is a glory for us to kneel in true worship of the incarnate Christ: O believers, let us then embrace His icon and cry out: O God, save Your people and bless your inheritance.

From Lord, to You I Call, Great Vespers, First Sunday of Great Lent

We have renounced the darkness of impiety and have been illumined by the light of knowledge. With psalms of acclamation, let us sing. May our praise and thanksgiving rise to God. With reverence, let us fall prostrate before the holy icons of Christ, the Mother of God and all the saints, rejecting the impiety of those who deny the True Faith. For as holy Basil says: The honor shown the icon passes to the prototype it represents. As the prayers of Your all-pure Mother and at the intercession of all the Saints, we entreat You, O Christ, to grant us great mercy!

From the Aposticha, Great Vespers of the First Sunday of Great Lent

O Lord, by exposing Your bodily image for veneration, we proclaim the great mystery of Your saving Economy. O Christ, You have manifested yourself to our eyes, not by a pure appearance, as the Manicheans wrongfully believe, but in the reality of the flesh, whose nature leads us to love you.

From the Praises of Orthros, First Sunday of Great Lent

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