Thursday, February 22, 2007

From the Triodion

If we desire to partake of the Passover of God that comes not from Egypt but from Sion, let us through repentance put away the leaven of sin. Let us gird our loins through mortification of sensual pleasure; let us make our feet beautiful with shoes that keep us from straying into evil paths; and let us take as our support the staff of Faith. let us not imitate the enemies of the Master's Cross, whose god is their belly. But let us follow the Savior of our souls, who by fasting showed us how to gain the victory over the Devil.

Aposticha of Vespers Friday (Thursday Evening)
The First Week of Lent

O Trinity beyond all being, worshipped in Unity, take from me the heavy yoke of sin; and in Your compassion, grant me tears of repentance.

Sinking in the depths of wickedness, O Mary, you lifted up your hands to the merciful God. As He did for Peter, He stretched out His hand to you in His loving-kindness, helping you towards conversion.

O Compassionate Lord, I know that I have sinned and have violated the vessel of my flesh; But accept me in repentance and call me back to understanding. Let me not be the plunder and food of the Enemy: O savior, take pity on me.

Selections from the Canon of Compline
Friday of the First Week of Lent

Through heedlessness, I have fallen into the heavy sleep of sin. But, my Christ, who for my sake fell asleep on the Cross, awaken me, that the night of death may not come upon me.

Canon of Orthros
Friday of the First Week of Lent

With great gladness, let us receive the proclamation of the Fast: for if Adam, our forefather had fasted, we would not have suffered banishment from Paradise. the fruit that brought death upon me was pleasant to the eyes and good for food. Then let us not be taken prisoner by our eyes; let not our tongue delight in costly foods, for once they have been eaten, they are worthless. Let us shun all greed: then we shall not become slaves to the passions which follow an excess of food and drink. let us sign ourselves with the Blood of Him who for our sakes willingly was led to death, and the destroying angel will not touch us. Then we may eat of the Holy Passover of Christ for the salvation of our souls.

Aposticha of Orthros
First Friday of Lent

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