Monday, February 11, 2008

From the Menaion - 11 February


On 11 February, we commemorate the holy hieromartyr Blaise, Archbishop of Sebastea.

Holy Blase, the martyr slaughter by the sword, visits the sick and heals those who suffer physical ailments in their throats. The iron cut your throat on the eleventh, O Blaise, and you died.

On the same day, we commemorate the two holy infants and the seven holy women, companions in martyrdom with holy Blaise, who perished under the sword.

With courage those two infants showed in their martyrdom! They both hastened to see who would arrive first. The seven women believed in Christ. O sword, you split them asunder, but their courage was not diminished.

On the same day, we commemorate the empress Theodora, who strengthened Orthodoxy by restoring the veneration of the icons.

Theodora, the pious empress has a right to the crown which is offered to her by Christ the King!

By their holy prayers, O Christ, take pity on us and save us. Amen.

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