Sunday, February 10, 2008

Synaxarion - Sunday of Orthodoxy


The mystery of our salvation was once announced by the divinely-inspired prophets. They foretold this illumination for us who have arrived at the last days. By it, we receive knowledge of God, the one God and Lord, glorified in Three Persons; and we werve Him alone, having one Faith and one Baptism, we have put on Christ. Wherefore, we confess our salvation in word and in deed, and we restore our likeness to God.


On this same day, the First Sunday of Lent, we commemorate the restoration of the holy icons, which came about in the reign of Michael, Emperor of Constantinople, and his mother Theodora, of eternal memory, and under the pontificate of the holy Patriarch and confessor Methodios.

The icons had once been banished; I exult as I see their veneration restored.

At the prayers of You holy Confessors, O Christ, immutable Icon of the Father, take pity on us. Amen.

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