Sunday, February 17, 2008

Synaxarion of the Second Sunday of Lent

Kontakion of the Holy Relics in Tone Eight

Through penance and mortification, the holy martyrs of Christ have overcome the disorder of their burning passions. During their lifetime, they had received the grace of healing the sick; after their death, they have the power of performing miracles. It is a great marvel indeed that healing should come forth from mere bones. Glory to the Creator, to God alone!

Kontakion of Gregory in Tone Eight

Holy and divine instrument of wisdom, joyful trumpet of theology, with one accord we sing your praises, O Gregory inspired by God! But since you stand now in mind and spirit before the Original Mind, guide our minds to Him, O father, that we may cry out to you: "Hail, O preacher of grace!"


You appeared on earth as an angelic messenger, proclaiming to mortal men the mysteries of God. Endowed with a human mind and flesh, yet speaking with the voice of the bodiless powers, you have filled us with amazement, O saint inspired by God, and made us cry aloud to you: "Hail, for through you the darkness is dispelled! Hail, for through you the light has returned! Hail, messenger of the uncreated Divinity! Hail, reprover of the created folly! Hail, height impossible to climb that tells us of God's nature! Hail, depth hard to scan, which speaks of His energy! Hail, for you have rightly proclaimed His glory! Hail, torch that shows us the Sun! Hail, cup filled with nectar! Hail, for through you the truth has shone forth! Hail, for through you falsehood has been plunged into darkness. Hail, preacher of grace!"


On this second Sunday of the Great Fast, we commemorate our holy father Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica.

Truly, the great preacher of the wondrous and brilliant Light has been led by the Fount of Light into unsetting Light.

By his holy prayers, O our God, take pity on us and save us.

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