Saturday, February 09, 2008

From the Triodion - Saturday of the First Week of Lent

Troparion of Theodore in Tone Two

Faith can accomplish great things: because of its power, through it the Holy Great Martyr Theodore rejoiced in the midst of the flames as if he had been in refreshing water. Burned by the flames, he was offered to the Holy Trinity as delightful bread. Through his intercessions, O Christ God, save our souls.

Kontakion of Theodore in Tone Eight

Your faith in Christ was like a breastplate on our heart. Through it, you overcame the enemies' power; wherefore, you are crowned in eternity with a heavenly diadem.


O You who are seated on a throne of light, with faith and thankfulness we sing Your praise. For You have granted us a "Gift of God", Theodore, courageous in his martyrdom, thrice-blessed in his life, the champion of the truth. With firm devotion, he held fast to Christ and proved to be a mighty victor over the deceitful Enemy, wherefore he was crowned in eternity with a heavenly diadem.


On the same day, the Saturday of the first week of the Great Fast, we celebrate the splendid miracle which ws performed by the glorious among the martyrs, Theodore the Recruit, through the boiled wheat.

By boiled wheat, Theodore has fed the city, frustrating the deception of the food polluted by impiety.

By his holy prayers, O our God, take pity on us and save us. Amen.

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