Sunday, February 24, 2008

Synaxarion of the Third Sunday of Lent

Kontakion in Tone Seven

The Angel's fiery sword will no longer guard the gate of Paradise, for the Cross of the Lord has put it out wondrously. The power of Death has been broken, the victory of Hades wiped out, and You, my Savior, have stood up and called out to all those bound in Hell: "Come now; enter again into Paradise!"


Pilate set up three crosses on Golgotha, two for the thieves and one for the Lord of life. Seeing this, Hades asked its servants: "Who has driven this spear into my heart? A wooden lance has pierced me, and I am torn apart. What pain has penetrated my womb and my heart! What sorrow stabs my spirit! I am forced to give up Adam and his children, those whom I had received from the forbidden Tree; for the new Tree leads them to enter again into Paradise.


On this day, the third Sunday of the Fast, we celebrate the feast of the veneration of the precious and life-giving Cross.

Let the whole creation bow down in woship before You, O Word, as it venerates Your life-giving Cross.

Wherefore, through its power, O Christ our God, protect us against the snares of the evil one, make us worthy to pass safely through the struggle of the Fast. May we adore Your divine Passion and Your life-giving Resurrection. Have mercy on us, for You alone are good and the Lover of Mankind. Amen.

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