Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ikos and Kontakion - Presentation of our Lord - 2 February

Kontakion of the Feast in Tone One

O Christ our God, who through your birth have sanctified the virginal womb and have blessed the arms of Simeon, You have come today to save us! When wars prevail, keep your people in peace and strengthen our public authorities in every good deed, for You alone are the Lover of Mankind!


Let us run to the Theotokos, in order to see her Son being presented to Simeon. The bodiless Angels, seeing Him from on high, were amazed and they said, "Now we behold wondrous and most marvelous things, past understanding and beyond telling! He who once created Adam is now carried as a baby. He who cannot be contained is now contained in the arms of the Elder! He who is unlimited in His Divinity in the bosom of the Father is now limited by the flesh, for He alone is the Lover of Mankind!

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