Friday, March 23, 2007

From the Triodion - Akathist Saturday

Gabriel came to you, O Maiden, and disclosed God's plan which was from all eternity. He joyfully offered you his greetings and cried out: Hail, O land without human seed! Hail, O bush untouched by fire! Hail, O depth no human eyes can fathom! Hail, O fleece receiving the dew of the heavenly manna! Hail, O dissolution of the curse! Hail, O Maiden who returned Adam to grace! The Lord is with you!

The eternal mystery is revealed today. The son of God becomes the Son of Man: by sharing in what is imperfect, He makes me share in what is perfect. Of old, Adam disobeyed: He wished to become God, but failed. Now God becomes man that He might make Adam god. Let the creation rejoice, let nature sing with joy: for the Archangel stands before the Virgin with great respect and greets her with good news that takes away our sorrow. O our God, who took flesh in Your merciful compassion, glory to You!

From O Lord, to You I Call, Vespers, Saturday, Fifth Week of Lent

I left behind Your sacred precepts as if I were leaving Jerusalem. I took part in the life of Jericho, and I was dragged down by the false glory of the cares of this life. I fell among the thieves of my own thoughts, and I was stripped by them of my robe of sonship by grace. I lay, as if it were, bereft of breath by their violence. A priest passed by; he saw me lying there and paid no attention. A Levite passed me by as well, for I was something hateful to him. But You, O Lord, ineffably incarnate of the Virgin, anointed me with oil, with the blood and water of salvation freely gushing from your side. In Your tenderness, O Christ our God, bind up my wounds as with linen, and bring me to dwell in Your heavenly kingdom.

From the Aposticha, Vespers, Saturday, Fifth Week of lent

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