Saturday, March 10, 2007

From the Triodion

I sank to the depths of the sea; I was swallowed up by the waves of my countless sins; but You, O God of Love, have pulled my life up from the pit.

From the canon, Orthros, Saturday, Third Week of Lent

You are the only Immortal One, O Creator and Maker of man. We are mortals: out of the earth we were fashioned and to the same earth we shall return, as You have said, and ordered, O my Maker: Dust you are, You said, and to dust you shall return. We all go down to the dust and we sing to You: Alleluia!

Ikos, Orthros, Satuday, Third Week of Lent

By her fault and transgression, Eve brought about the curse; but, O Virgin Theotokos, by the Fruit of your womb, you have made the blessing blossom for the world; and we all magnify you!

From the canon, Orthros, Saturday, Third Week of Lent

O Cross of the Lord to which the world aspires, let the light-giving flashes of your grace lift up the hearts of those who honor you. We welcome you with divine love, O you through which the dismay of tears has passed away, and by which we have been saved from the snares of death and carried up into imperishable joy. Through Your Cross, O Lord, reveal to us the splendor of Your beauty, granting the reward for their abstinence to Your servants who ask in faith for Your generous help and your great mercy.

From O Lord, to You I Call, Third Sunday of Lent

Beholding You, the Fashioner and creator of all, hanging naked on the Cross, the whole creation was overcome with fear and it lamented. The light of the sun grew dark and the earth quaked. The rocks were split and the veil of the Temple was torn in half. The dead rose from their tombs and the angelic powers cried aloud in amazement: O strange wonder! The Judge is judges and suffers willingly for the salvation and renewal of the world!

From the Aposticha, Vespers, Third Sunday of Lent

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