Friday, March 30, 2007

From the Triodion

The two chosen Apostles who recognized You as One of the Trinity, O Christ, have now been sent by You to bring a colt, the foal of a beast of burden, as it is writen. You humbly sit on it, O compassionate One, who in accordance with Your plan, prepare a place on high for all who love You, and cause all those who have subdued their foolish and irrational desires to cry out to You: Hosanna!

From O Lord, to You I Cry, Vespers, Friday, Sixth Week of Lent

Deliver me, O Christ God, from being like the merciless and selfish rich man, O You who by Your Cross cleansed us from transgressions. Make me an imitator of poor Lazarus' grateful patience. Do not estrange me from the bosom of Abraham, because of Your great mercy.

From the Aposticha, Vespers, Friday, Sixth Week of Lent

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