Saturday, March 17, 2007

From the Triodion

O venerable and holy father John, with full voice, you have unceasingly sung the praises of God. You have meditated upon His inspired words in the Scriptures that teach us how to make them wisely bear much fruit in the spiritual life. Having become rich in heavenly grace, you have deserved unending happiness and have overcome the plots of the ungodly.

By the streams of your tears, O glorious father John, your soul has been purified. By your vigils throughout the night, you have found favor with God. You were lifted up on the wings of prayer to His love and beauty, O blessed father; and now you rejoice in unending happiness with your fellow spiritual soldiers who fought the good fight, O holy saint of God.

From O Lord, to You I Call, Great Vespers, Fourth Sunday of Lent

Let us honor John, the pride of ascetics, an angel on earth, the man of God in Heaven, the adornment of the world, the flower of virtue and good deeds. Planted in the house of God, he blossomed forth with justice, like a cedar tree in the wilderness. He helped the flock of Christ to grow in holiness and justice.

O wondrous event exceeding every miracle that ever happened! Who ever heard that a mother could conceive without a man, and that she would hold in her arms the One who contains the whole universe? This was the will of the One who was born of you. O Woman most pure, never cease to intercede for us who honor you, together with the One you carried in your arms as a Child. You have the power of a Mother: therefore intercede with Him that He may have mercy on us and save our souls.

From the Aposticha, Great Vespers, Fourth Sunday of Lent

You are a true teacher for those in the monastic life, O holy John, setting out the steps of your lessons as a divine ladder leading us up through the purification of asceticism to the light of contemplation. O venerable father, entreat Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Troparion of John Climacos in the Eighth Tone (Alternate)

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