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From the Triodion - Second Sunday of Lent

The Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, along with others in the East and West, perceived problems with the theology of Gregory Palamas. Thus, Patriarch Maximos III Mazloum of Antioch composed hymns devoted to the veneration of the holy relics in 1843. Archbishop Joseph Raya of blessed memory noted: "Such relics are to be venerated, not as objects having instrinsic value, but as representative of the person from whom they originated." (Byzantine Daily Worship, page 797)

As the writings of St Gregory have been studied, clarified, and determined to be orthodox in their teachings and coherent with Catholic theology, this posting will include hymns related to St Gregory as well as hymns by Patriarch Maximos concerning the veneration of the holy relics.

O Most Just Judge, I have sinned against You in may ways. I deserve therefore all kinds of punishments: the gnashing of teeth, bitter tears of sorrow, the fire of hell and impenetrable darkness. Give me the tears that procure true repentance and the forgiveness of my sins. I am fasting and abstaining because I love You and cry out to You: O Christ my Lord, have mercy on me, for You are generous in your mercy.

With what words shall we who dwell on earth praise the holy bishop, Gregory Palamas? He is the teacher of the Church, the herald of the Light of God, the initiate of the heavenly mysteries of the Trinity, the chief adornment of the monastic life, renowned alike in action and in contemplation, the glory of Thessalonica. Now he dwells in Heaven with the great and glorious martyr Demetrios, whose relics flow with holy oil.

From Lord, to You I Call, Vespers, Sunday, Second Week of Lent

Your tongue, watchful in teaching, rings in the ears of our hearts and awakens the souls of the slothful, leading us from earth to Heaven. your words, inspired by God, are a ladder leading us from earth to Heaven. O Gregory, wonder of Thessalonica, pray to Christ without ceasing, that we who honor you may be illumined with the divine Light.

I am a wretched sinner who refused to obey th Father's commands. I ahve lived in wordly and impure desires and have squandered my life in laziness, enjoying illicit and fleeting pleasures. O Good Father, take not your Holy Spirit away from me, but have mercy on me and recieve me as You received the Prodigal Son, and save me!

From the Aposticha, Vespers, Sunday, Second Week of Lent

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