Wednesday, March 14, 2007

From the Triodion

Let us all wash our souls in the waters of the Fast; and approaching the precious and honored Cross of the Lord, let us venerate it with love. Let us draw from it divine enlightenment, reaping the fruit of eternal salvation, peace and great mercy.

O Cross, glory of the Apostles, attend by principalities, powers and archangels, keep safe from all harm those who venerate you. Grant that we may pass through the course of the Fast in a holy way, and reach the day of salvation when we, too, shall be saved.

From O Lord, to You I Call, Vespers, Thursday, Fourth Week of Lent

Those who do the works of righteousness in secret and receive a spiritual return do not proclaim these deeds in the middle of the street, but rather keep them in their hearts, He who sees the secret deeds of all will grant us the reward of our self-control. Let us complete the Fast without putting on a gloomy face, but praying in the inner chamber of our souls. let us say: Our Father, who art in Heaven, lead us not into temptation, but delver us from the Evil One, we pray.

From the Aposticha, Vespers, Thursday, Fourth Week of Lent

The Fast that brings us blessings has now run half its course. It has helped us to receive God's grace in the days that are past, and it will bring us further benefit in the days still to come. For by continuing in what is right, we attain yet greater gifts. We therefore cry to Christ the Giver of all Good: O You who, for our sake fasted and endured the Cross, make us worthy to share without condemnation in Your divine Passover. May we spend our lives in peace and rightly glorify You with the Father and Spirit!

From O Lord, to You I Call, Liturgy of the PreSanctified Gifts, Thursday, Fourth Week of Lent

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