Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Wednesday of the fourth week of Lent marks the mid-point of the season. The hymns powerfully remind us of the purpose of our efforts to offer ourselves to our Lord through our fasting and prayers. We fast, not for its own value, but for the goal of offering our meager hunger and self-denial to Jesus who condescended to suffer the torture of the passion and the humiliation of the Cross. He who is Divine from all eternity submitted to share our humanity; He gave Himself entirely for us and out of Love for us.

It was for Love that He came down to be conceived in the Womb of the Virgin. Out of Love for us He walked this earth preaching precepts of Salvation and Great Mercy for all. He gave of Himself, offering Divine Sonship to us if only we will accept to be forgiven. He offers us immortality, eternal life, a share in His very Divinity. He became man in order that we might become God. He took on our humanity that we might take on His Divinity. He offers us the momentous and profound exchange, our sins for His Mercy. In accepting His Baptism we become like Him, He restores to us the Divine Image and Likeness, lost and besmirched through sin. In sharing in the Body and Blood of His Supper he shares with with us the forgiveness poured forth in His Crucifixion.

It is appropriate that at this half-way mark of our Lenten Journey we reflection on this great benefit of Love He has given us. And in reflecting on the Cross, let us humbly renew our efforts and praise Him in Thanksgiving, Who so loved us to give His all for all.

May our Lord bless our efforts to humbly offer Him a Good Fast!

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