Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From the Triodion -- Mid-Lent

O merciful Lord, You endured the Passion of the Cross in the midst of the earth, granting redemption and freedom from the passions to all. Therefore, in the midst of the Fast, we have set Your Cross before us and venerate it with great joy. Glorious with the light of the virtues, may we all be counted worthy to see Your Passion and life-giving Resurrection, O Word of God, who alone are rich in mercy.

O Savior, Your Cross has given to us Christians a power that never can be defeated. Through it, the alien hosts of the Enemy are put to flight, O Christ; and Your Church, professing the true Faith, is overshadowed with peace. Venerating it, we raise our fervent cry to You: Make us worthy of the inheritance of Your saints!

Glory ... Now and always...

Today the Master of creation and the Lord of Glory is nailed to the Cross and His side is pierced. He who is the sweetness of the Church tastes gall and vinegar. A crown of thorns is placed upon Him who covers the heavens with clouds. He is clothed in a cloak of mockery, and He who formed man with His own hands is struck by a hand of clay. He who wraps the heavens in clouds is scourged upon His back. He accepts spitting and scourging, insults and slaps. All these things my Deliverer and God endures for me whom am condemned, that in His compassion He may save the world from death.

From O Lord, to You I Call, Vespers, Wednesday, Fourth Week of Lent

I have surpassed the Publican in my transgressions, but I do not match his repentance. I have not accomplished the good deeds of the Pharisee, yet I boldly outdo his boasting. By Your infinite humility, O Christ God, by which You laid low the arrogance of the demon on the Cross, establish me in the good deeds of the one and the humility of the other. Confirm me in the good intentions of both, and save me, O Savior!

From the Aposticha, Vespers, Wednesday, Fourth Week of Lent

The Divine Cross lies before us for our veneration, and it sanctifies the time of the Fast. Let us approach with a pure conscience to draw from it sanctification and enlightenment, and let us cry aloud with awe: Glory to Your compassion, O our Savior, who loves mankind!

From the Kathismata (Sessional Hymns), Orthros, Wednesday, Fourth Week of Lent

The Angel's fiery sword will no longer guard the gate of Paradise, for the Cross of the Lord has put out wondrously. The power of Death has been broken, the victory of Hades wiped out, and you, my Savior, have stood up and called out to all those bound in Hell: Come now; enter again into Paradise!

Kontakion, Orthros, Wednesday, Fourth Week of Lent

We have completed half of the Fast, which has led us to Your Holy Cross. Enable also to behold the day which Abraham saw and rejoiced, when he took his son Isaac back alive from the mountain, as from a tomb. Deliver us from the Enemy by faith; may we share in Your Mystical Supper, calling upon You in peace: Our Light and our Savior, glory to You!

From the Aposticha, Orthros, Wednesday, Fourth Week of Lent

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